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GLME Auffahrtscamp vom 13.-16. Mai 2021 ist abgesagt

Dear friends,

as we wrote you not long ago, we have waited until now to take the decision whether to proceed or not with the organization of Ascension

2021 in Montecopiolo.

The general conditions are not good, in Italy there is an increase of cases, we are not able to move through Italy from one region to the other, the tours were organized on 3 regions and at the moment would be impossible to do them, due to the actual dispositions it is not possible to host in one room persons who are not conjunct so we have almost half places in the hotel and we should reduce to 50 – 60 partecipants, difficulties with restaurants and museums, difficulties to travel through Europe with quarantenes, delays at least in Italy to have vaccines so that probably none of us will have it and dispositions from our government which change everything within 2 or 3 days.

So we are really sorry and regret to announce you that we have to cancell the event of Ascension 2021.

We really hope it will be possible soon to meet again and anyway anytime you want to meet on line as we have done before will be a pleasure for us to see you all.

We send you a big virtual hug.

Paolo, Max, Mauro, Gianluca, Max